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So it’s the first day of classes, I commute and I want to make a big first impression. So I show up in my Whistler Limo…and then, I suddenly just wake up from a daydream about how glamorous campus life is. But as much of a popular topic of book and movies that campus life is, one thing about it isn’t glamorous, and that’s the sometimes draining effort that I have to put into maintaining a good GPA in college. But college classes aren’t always tough, some of them can be extremely fun and rewarding. It is what I make of it. And when I hit an academic wall, here’s the ways I still manage to do the best I can in class.

1. I read my syllabus.

It may sound simple enough, but many of my classmates don’t read their syllabus thoroughly, and then complain about having a terrible GPA in that class. Most professors offer special extra classes, and some of them are incredibly simple.


2. I take notes.

Whether you use your laptop or a pen and notebook, take notes. Just write down the main points of the material and be sure to get creative. Write down acrostics and other study aids to help you remember key concepts. This is an easy day to review the material your professor covered in class that day.


3. I use the library.

Why not? At the very least, it gets me out of my dorm room. The change of scenery helps refresh my mind, and the lack of noise is way more conducive to study than my roommates love of heavy metal. The library has so many resources that I can use to do more thorough research on a certain topics, because hey, there are still some things you can’t find online.


4. I participate in class.

I’m not too cool to ask the teacher a question, or answer one from time to time. At least my professors will see that I’m making an effort, even if I’m not acing their class. Plus, discussing the topics helps me process the information I’m receiving in class. I never know what examples the professor or my classmates will come up with that will help me understand the material.


5. I go to study groups.

Same concept as discussing this in class, but this time I’m applying extra effort to commit this material to memory. And my college offers free tutoring, so what have I got to lose? If I keep studying like this, my next daydream will be about making the Dean’s list.

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