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When I was young my cousin often told me that campus is full of every single thing you could ever contemplate; challenges both minor or major but eventually you get in touch with the help you need

Ultimately, I found out that 20 million students enroll in Universities annually. Life eventually turns tables for some students and most of them drop out shy of having a degree. I read a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and development, that out of the large chunk of students who enroll merely 46% of students complete college.

When we finished high school, my friends and I were excited to attend college, although we had difficulties when choosing the colleges we wanted to go. We were mostly basing our choices on entertainment, fashion, and how easy it was to jot off to the nearest city. Looking back, am proud of the decision I made. Most of us do not understand that a good college is one that offers you the ultimate balance of everything. From the studies to entertainment, sports and trips.

On the other hand, an NCES report says that undergraduate tuition for public institution costs and for a private non-profit. The low and moderate families experience hard times surviving campus life due to the Millions of dollars that go unclaimed.

In other words, before you fill applications to any institution, find out the financial help that is available for you as a student. It helps when you finally decide you should save and when creating a realistic budget.

Most importantly, hard work is essential. If you go to college for fun, sooner or later, you will fail tests and exams. Indeed, good grades are imperative.

As a result, forming a solid on-campus is essential if you want to make academic work easy for you. Let fun be a part of your student life.

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