University campus classes

In my university the classes usually began at 8 o’clock. The lectures were taught using various techniques such as by the help of a projector and the manual. A normal lecture took a duration of three hours a week. This made every unit to have 45 hours duration in each semester.The numbers of the units varied depending on the course one was taking. The accommodation in the campus was not guaranteed. This was because it was located on first come first served basis. The nature of accommodation directly affected ones class life. When I reside in the campus, it become easy for me to attend the classes in time. This makes me to have ample time to concentrate on the lecture. When residing out of the campus, I was forced to opt for the fastest means of transport. This ensured that I accessed my lectures in time, for maximum concentration. When considering the means of transport the fastest one was the use of Vancouver airport limo. This was most suitable since I was staying in a couple kilometers away from my campus. It’s efficiency and speed were the solo reason why I chose it. The cost is usually high due to it target market. Since I was keen to catching up with the class on time, this mode of transport was the most effective for me. We were taking the examination at the end of every semester. The exams were graded into various grades. The highest was an A grade followed in the order of B, C, D and fail. In case of failing, we were give the chance to re-do that unit’s examination called supplementally. The supplementally was like a second chance. In case of failing supplementally, were now forced to retake the whole unit a fresh. This involved paying for it afresh and attending the number of it allocated time. Due to the pressure of the examination, we attended the classes with high sense of seriousness. We could hold discussions with fellow students. The other aspects of ensuring we got the classes correct, was by doing practicals in the field where it was applicable. The instructors were also friendly and thus we ensured that we had maximum interaction with them. In all the campus classes, a lot of work and expectations were expected of us by our lectures and parents back at home. This was due to their investment in us. In all that, I enjoyed my campus classes life.

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