Life, Laughs, Learning: Life in the Campus

Going to university can be your best experience or your worst. As for me, my university years were probably some of the best years of my life. There were so many things that happened, so many lessons learned, and so many adventures fulfilled.

In the university, you get to meet a lot of new people. And some of these folks becomes your best friends for life. I got to meet people from all walks of life with different backgrounds and different stories to tell. Everyone was different, but being in that campus made us feel that somehow, we were all the same as well because we were trying to prove something. We were young and we had the world to win.

Some of the best experiences in my university years was when my friends and I went on a sightseeing limo and toured around the city at night. It was a fun and thrilling experience. We had the best drinks and the best times. The city lights that night seemed to shine only for us. They looked like starts that were just within our reach. Everything felt possible and attainable when we were young.

The years of university life went on quickly and soon, we needed to struggle our way to finish our requirements and graduate. Some of the fun and exciting days were soon coming to an end and I was becoming more of an adult by the moment. But friendships are stronger and more stubborn than any kind of challenge and we helped each other to reach graduating day, hoping that our friendship can last longer than our campus life.

Looking back, I’m happy I’ve gone through what I’ve gone through. I’m thankful for all the people I’ve met along the way and the friends that have become lifelong companions in every happy, sad, exciting, and painful circumstances.

You see, college wasn’t just about getting a degree or nonchalantly going in and out of classes. It was more of challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone and getting to know yourself more through every trial and learning experience.

University was the try-out for adult life and I think I’ve passed it, because here I am, struggling my way in the adult world. But there are no regrets, this is where all of us are going anyway. It’s great to have learned the things I know now from university. There were a lot of life lessons that university life has given me.

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